Thursday, October 30, 2014

Warm and Rustic tags

Both tags above were done with this awesome kit
Warm& Rustic by Pink Paradox Productions
Buy It here
tube artist used above Very Many and Zlata M

Three Times Scary tag

Featured in this tag are some of the Holiday editions found at 
 HE-1,HE-3 and HE-4
Have awesome layers for you to enjoy during the holiday season
Kit used is by Crazy Carita

Warm Weather tags

**SPECIAL BUY 10-29-14 TO 10-30-14 **
Get 2009-2013 Warm Winter HD SL. (6 Layers ) FREE with a $2.00 Purchase .

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tempted Tag

 CDO Exclusive tube by Barbara Jensen

 Sold HERE
Kit By Crazy Carita - Holiday Magic 
 Sold here

Flames tag

Tube by Barbara Jensen called Raspberry tart found in pack 63
Kit  FireFighter by Crazy Carita
 found here

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sweet Tart Tag

 Tube By Barbara Jensen called  Red Robin found in pack 63

 here at
Kit By Crazy Carita called
 Le Vie En Rose
 Buy it here

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 Ripped Jeans HD SL 12 Special Layers tags

**RAC SPECIAL BUY 10-25-14 TO 10-26-14 **

Get 2014 Ripped Jeans HD SL 12 Special Layers plus Customizable item Layers . FREE with a $2.00 Purchase . Just pop it in your cart at check out. No GC's accepted as a form of payment.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eternal Enchantment tag and Snags

tag made with a kit by Karra's Kreative Korner
 Buy it here
Tube artist used in the tag Enys Guerrero
 buy it at
Snags ----click to enlarge then right click to save

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Vamped tags

 tags made with Vamp3 tube by Jose Cano
 Purchase it here

Matching Kit by Niquis Designs

 buy it here

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn Spice tags

 Both tags are made with a kit by Pink Paradox Productions called
 Autumn Spice 
 found here for purchase
 tube used in the tag above is by Very many of

Hot Pink N Sexy

Tube used in this tut  2011-2014 Sexy Bianca Revamp HD by Ismael Rac

**SPECIAL BUY 10-15-14 TO 10-16-14 **
Get the 2011-2014 Sexy Bianca Revamp HD. Complete Revamp Tube NOW with Customizable Layers. FREE with a $2.00 Purchase . Just pop it in your cart at check out. No GC's accepted as a form of payment.

VM Toolbox-zoom Blur
Mura Meister Copies- Wallpaper Rotate
Eye Cnady4- HSB Noise, Gradient Glow , Shadowlab and Corona

CEA Random shape 176( pre shape tool)
download 180 preset shape on the top HERE
Twinks1 by Simone
 download here

 Open a new canvas 600 by300
 place your tube three times in order of face, breast buns
 see sample
 merge together
Then duplicate and apply on the bottom  Mura Mesiter copies wallpaper rotate at default
Crop your tag then apply Effect Distortion Effects- Ripple at default.
Apply Gaussian blur 5 to this layer.
On the top layer duplicate the trio. on the bottom of the trio( the middle layer change the blend to screen.
 On the top layer apply VM Tool bow- Zoom Blur at default
Change the blend to overlayer.
 Using  your pre set tool  choose a shape. I chose CEA random 176 which is an arrow with frayed edges.
 if you dont have it enlarge my image below, right click and save.
Select all then promote the blurred layer and move it to the top layer of the tag.
Apply Eye candy 4 HSB noise
 Add a thick drop shadow
Duplicate the preset shape layer twice you should have three layers then apply Eye Candy4- Corona setting to Ion cloud at these settings:
Apply this to each black preset shape layer but change the seed for each open. then close all but one layer.
No place your main tube then apply Eye Candy Shadow lab at these settings:
I added some arrows on the right side of the tag using the pen tool sized2 in white draw out a line from the face of your tube to the shadow. Repeat following the outer edge of your shadow then merge all the lines down mirror drop shadow and lower the opacity to 46 blend to hard light.
On your background layer select all, Selections,Modify, Select selections borders setting at 2. 
On the wallpaper layer promote the layer then move it to the top of your canvas, Apply Effects, Distortion effects- Pixelate sized4, Effects, Edge effects, Enhance then change the blend to multiply.
Add a drop shadow.
 add your name( Added a thick white gradient glow), artist URL, CR and license number
 to animate Copy/paste the merged tag to animation shop.
Repeat with the other ion corona layers open one at a time.
 you should have three frames.
Select all and copy your frames. click the last frame then paste after current frame. repeat until you have 16 frames.
 Open your twink animation in psp. Save as a PSP( animation shop) file. In animation shop find the file just made open in Animation shop,
Select all the select the tab Animation then click reverse animation
 Select Animation tab again resize animation at these settings:
Select all copy and paste over the earring of your main tube.
 Save a s a GIF
Repeat with an avatar.
 I made mine 120 by 200
 add your name, artist  CR and license number
 make the border as we did before and copy the merged tag to animation shop 16 times.
Save as a GIF
 Thanks for looking